Magician to Magician – David Williamson

David Williamson is without a doubt one of the greatest magicians in the world.  His technical ability is incredible but it is his fearless comedy that sets him apart from the crowd.  It was interesting for me then to hear that he was essentially a shy, self confessed “magic geek” when he started out.

So many of my generation of magicians cite David as one of their major influences and he continues to inspire, amaze and occasionally shock the magic world.

In this interview which lasts 50 minutes David talks about magic, comedy and taking risks.  (There was a slight delay problem in places.)

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The Dave Williamson Secrets:

  • Take risks and be prepared to fail.
  • Work with the tools available to you.
  • Know your skill sets.
  • Be SO GOOD you can’t be ignored.

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